- Importance of Businesses -


Being the species with creative thoughts, the requirements of human being are not merely dependant on the resources that are extracted from the nature by self, but on derivatives of natural resorces and application of skills, talents, passion and ideas of own and other individuals as well.


There is immence diversity in the knowledge, skills, talents, aspirations and ideas of every human being.


By exchange of solutions among Individuals, the convenience, quality and experience of living for each one get better.


Businesses are the organized form of exchange of values among the civilized mankind.


A society can prosper only by nurturing businesses.


Businesses facilitate perpetual innovation, access to solutions, exchange of values and there by improve the quality of living by fulfilling the needs of the people. Opportunity for involvement and employment of of Individuals and other resources in series of processes like idea generation, solution design, production, transportation, promotions, distribution, sales, services, enhancements and research are generated and fulfilled by businesses. Constant and interactive flow of information, services, products or equivalent money among people are created, stimulated and fostered in the society through businesses.


A population without businesses can not exist with justified gives and takes , as no organized, sustainable and perpetual exchange of values among the Individuals can happen in such an environment. Individuals can not practice nor nurture their skills, interests and passion in a mutually beneficial pattern if the businesses are non existent. Businesses drive the need for Individuals to make their contributions serving the requirements of others.


More the business transactions among people, better the quality of living of the people.


During the process of evolution of Businesses, from mere exchange of products against other products, money got introduced among societies in forms of commonly acceptable currencies and coins, which brought in the convenience for exchange of solutions and products against easy to carry currencies and coins. Money has brought in the tremendous difference in trades by facilitating transactions among people who dont have matching gives and takes.


From over milleniums, mankind has been doing exchange of products, solutions and services against money.


The convenince to exchange requirements against currencies facilitated businesses to get organized, foreseing future possibilities and arbitrations. This gave scope for formation of organized business entities in the society.


It is these business entities that perpetually drive the societies by facilitating solutions, opportunities and distributing money among individuals and entities.


Business refers to a form of activity conducted with an objective of earning profits for the benefits of those on whose behalf the activity is conducted. Business is extremely important to a country's economy because businesses provide both goods and services and jobs. Business has become indispensable in our lives. Nearly everything an individual does is directly or indirectly related to business. As clearly defined by many of the authors, business is exchange of goods. Hence most of our wants are satisfied only by business. Businesses create job opportunities because they need people to produce and sell their goods and services to consumers. Driving revenue and proving consistent profitability is a major goal for any business. Without profits, the business simply is not viable. Creating revenue consistently is a great sign for the life of a business.

Growing a business requires a series of objectives to scale effectively. Objectives to replicate processes and manage hiring, after meeting sales goals and revenue benchmarks, is a necessary objective.

In current scenario there are many business opportunites available for an individual . OHHOY initiate individuals aspiring to start new businesses, can generate income from multiple streams using the same resources by being a franchisee of the integrated dealership platform of OHHOY.

At the same time OHHOY affiliates with multiple businesses to ensure the effective utilization of their resources deployed in the business and they can generate income from multiple streams, and become stable, profitable and gain exponential momentum in very short time.


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    OHHOY Dealership EXPO

    OHHOY Dealership EXPO is organized to showcase the products,services and the dealership opportunities of 50 trusted businesses. More than 300 delegates from all parts of Kerala looking to start new businesses are attending this whole day program. Registration is opening soon.

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    OHHOY Franchisee Training

    OHHOY Franchisee training is scheduled on the 30th of September in Cochin. All Franchisee owners, the field executives and officers are requested to participate. Registration is opening soon.


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OHHOY'S Dealer Network is an excellent channel to expand my business, by resolving the challenges in the last-mile-reach to clients and stockists at distant locations
Ohhoy is an exceptional and unique business model with immense potential for growth, by empowering and facilitating business opportunties in different dimensions.
I have received multiple business leads by participating in the the OHHOY's programs.

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