Payments towards accessing the services

All transactions related to services facilitated for all member users are processed against the preset transaction limit, which corresponds to the advance payments made to the Company.

Member users can add to their transaction limit by making payments to the Company by any of the payment methods facilitated by the Company.
There may be transaction charges levied by payment gateway or the bank. The Company will update the users transaction limit only against the net amount received by the Company through the payment medium ( Bank Deposit / NEFT/ RTGS / Payment gateway ). 
Retailing Partners are suggested to make payments only through the EFT medium  to the corresponding Bank account of the Company or by Cash payment to authorized representative of the Company, and by properly informing the Company's accounts department. This is important to avoid payment processing charges that may be applicable while transacting using NEFT/ RTGS/Payment Gateways, as well as to avoid the risk of occurrence of dry transactions, without the Company's planning and arrangements with the corresponding service providers. 
All payments update requests must have the payment transaction id, as applicable, ie valid Receipt for Cash payments, Bank transaction id for all Bank transfer and deposits or the Transaction ID generated by the system for payments through the payment gateway.

Any payments made through payment mediums like Payment gateway, Cash deposit in Bank, NEFT or RTGS may be charged by the payment processors ( Banks and Payment gateways ) as per the periodic terms as applicable from time to time.

All payments are updated subject to realization only. How ever transactions confirmed by partner payment processors of the Company (Payment Gateways ) may be updated prior to realization as per applicable terms.



The company provide the users with the assurance to deliver the services facilitated, as per availability depending on its arrangement with various service providers. The Company also provide  prompt electronic and telephonic support to assist the Customers to meet their requirements in relation to the services offered.

In case of any service being not accessible for a short period of time, the advance payments made to the Company remains as a transaction limit for the user, which can be used any any later point of time.


Ours is  not a banking organization for making deposits and withdrawing at a later point of time.  All the transfer made to the Company must only be advance payments towards the services that a member is planning to buy through the Company, immediately or at a later point of time.

In case of any service or transaction fails or the technical system is unable to process any service request despite the transaction limit against the advance paid is deducted, the same will be credited to the transaction limit of the member, after cross checking with the actual service provider and confirming the status as unprocessed or failed. The member can use the same amount for a future transaction through the Company.

How ever, any unused advance payment that is held by the Company shall be refund in full ( as effective at the time ) in case the Company is unable to deliver any of the services to the member for an uncertain and longer time period. How ever, temporary down times of one or more, or all services due to short term technical or commercial issues, shall not be treated as an uncertainty on the service availability.

In cases of the member being permanently unable to access the services due to any reason, the advance payments for services to be purchased in future shall be refund ( as effective at the time ) by Cheque/ EFT / NEFT / Charge Back through the payment gateway after receiving authorized request from the member. In case of the expiry of a member, the nominee of the member can avail the refund of the advance payments, after verification of the nominees details as per the policies of the Company. Any such pay outs will be made only through any authorized bank as per applicable law.

Any bonus points or offer coupons issued from the Company can be used only towards availing discount on purchase of services through the Company or for a future purchase, and will not be treated as advance payments made, and such bonus points can not be encashed or drawn to bank in any form.
All the bonus points and offer coupons issued to a member will automatically terminated or become invalid within the stipulated time of validity and are not transferable for any reason.

Any refunds of the advance payments will be made only through banks. Payment processing charges and time as applicable on EFT/ RTGS/ Payment gateway charge backs will be deducted from the amount.


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