Our purpose is to foster a sustainable franchisee business opportunity by continuous application of strategy, technology and research.

Our unified online platform facilitate affiliate members to distribute and retail the aggregated products , services and information.

We envision to grow to a network of one million retail hubs across India by the year 2018, who faciliate the customers with assisted sourcing and transaction of various services, products and information through this aggregated online platform, as well as ensure sustainable and profitable revenue streams to our affiliated retailers. Our affiliate retailers will faciliate their customers with extensive range of products, services and information that is being structured by the Company.




Our team is passionately working towards including more products, services and information to this aggregated online platform.


We are keenly integrating genuine products and services from genuine providers at genuine rates for the customers through our affiliate retail outlets.


Our business strategists are passionately working to ensure that the portfolio of the integrated services and products help our affiliate outlets to earn more number of customers on a regular basis, and to grow profitabiliy.


We are growing by affiliating qualified retail outlets who deliver our services and products to the customers.


We are destined to grow to 5 Lakh retail hubs by the year 2018.





OHHOY PRIVATE LIMITED is a Company incorporated as per the norms and provisions of the Comapnies Act 2013.


OHHOY is promoted by a team of young, energetic, dynamic team of professionals from across the globe, with expertise in diverse domains, and having a unique vision and common underlying values.


Twenty two promoters, sitting across continents focussed on one mission with their whole hearted love,thoughts and passion contributing to support every one interested and participating in our process makes OHHOY a unique enterprise of its kind, with its unique business model and the conglomerate vision.


Our operating team consist of efficient executives, who are passionate about the interests of our affiliate members, customers, suppliers and the society. Our executive team ensure that the values we entrust are passionately taken care.




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